Best Resistance Band In 2017

Before searching for the best resistance band in 2017, you need to know what a resistance band actually is.

This device is an inexpensive, portable, and effective exercise equipment that, unlike traditional weights, creates continuous tension and uses way more fibers throughout the movement.

There are hundreds of ways to exercise with this band to accelerate muscle growth.

Advantages of a Resistance Band

This is a small workout equipment designed to work your upper body, build muscles, and strengthen your bones and arms. It is also great for reducing joint pain and improving balance.

Its benefits do not end just here; it is versatile, safe, effective and convenient.

It also weighs just a few ounces while giving equal, if not better, results than the traditional free weights.

There are various ways to use it to work different groups of muscles, but the most common way is to hold the handles or wrap the ends on your hands while putting the middle of the band under your foot.

You position yourself in a way that your back remains straight and pull your arms up using your upper body strength.

This way the muscles in your shoulders, chest and arms are used, which are strengthened.

It is a simple-looking equipment, but don’t let that fool you.

These bands are surprisingly beneficial and convenient for individuals of every fitness level and age.

Plus, they are super affordable. 

Following are a few of the most prominent benefits of including a resistance band in your fitness routine.

Extremely Affordable

If you compare this band to traditional free weights, you’d see that it is generally very inexpensive, whether you buy one or a complete set.

Some even come with a free DVD exercise guide.

Easily Adaptable to Different Fitness Levels

The thing about traditional free weights is that you cannot adjust them according to your enhanced fitness level; a 10 kg weight on a 40-inch rod would always be a 10 kg weight on a 40-inch rod.

However, with a resistance band, you can change the resistance level through various ways, for example, by using multiple bands at once to increase the resistance level or by changing the amount of slack on the band.

Apart from that, a resistance band comes with different resistance levels, so you can easily choose the one that works best for you.

Enhances the Effects of Familiar Exercises

One of the most important benefits of this fitness band is that it can easily modify regular exercises to generate better results by adding more resistance to them.

For example, you can add the fitness band to your regular burpees or spider mountain climber for better results.

You can use it while doing normal rows and even while doing push-ups to increase the resistance.

Entire Body Workout

Most exercise equipment only works a specific muscle group of the body.

For example, a pull-up bar can only be used for the upper body and the mini exercise bike only works the muscles in your thighs and legs.

However, a fitness band can be used in various ways to work every major muscle group of the body, from your biceps to the thigh muscles.

Extremely Portable and Easy to Store

These bands are sometimes as thin as a piece of cloth.

Even the tube fitness bands that come with handles on both ends are pretty lightweight and take close to no space.

You can easily travel with them and use them wherever you are. 

Even at home, you don’t need to have a proper place to keep a fitness band.

After you exercise, they can be easily hung on a hook or be stored in a drawer, a box, or even your cupboard under your clothes.

Easy to Use

Using a resistance band is pretty easy and hassle-free.

You just need to read a guide on the internet, and you are good to go.

However, selecting the right fitness band is important which is perfect for your fitness level.

Apart from that, you can easily use it anywhere you want.

It can be a good option to bring with you anywhere, even when you are backpacking across a new country.

You can use it in a compact hotel room and even outdoors.

Adds Variations to Your Workout

The human body is very adaptable.

According to the evolution theory, we are transformed from fishes to amphibians to mammals, and this happened because of the changing environment of the earth.

That’s how adaptable we are.

Hence, when we keep doing the same routine over and over again, our body adapts to it.

In order to keep gaining maximum benefits from your exercise, you need to keep adding variations to it.

Cross training with a fitness band is a great way to do this. 

This way you will work your muscles in a slightly different way than usual.

Safer Substitute to the Traditional Weights at Home

When working out alone at home without a professional trainer to guide you, using heavy weights in not a very good idea, especially if you are new to it.

If they accidentally fall on your foot or your hands clash together while you are using them, they can even crush your fingers.

Fitness bands can be a very good substitute of weights at home. 

They provide almost equal benefits while reducing the risk of accident to almost zero.

Combines with Other Exercise Equipment

Owing to its simplicity in design, a resistance band can easily be combined with other fitness equipment to increase resistance and provide benefits of both types of equipment, for example, using a fitness band and free weights while performing a bicep curl.

Different Types of a Resistance Band

Following are the two major types of a resistance band:

Resistance Tube

A resistance tube is a tube-shaped band with handles on both sides.

Some even include hooks for specific exercises, and some come with accessories so that they can be hung on doors.

The tube is made up of high-quality latex, and the handles are generally made of plastic to support you while doing upper and lower body workouts.

This type of resistance band generally comes in 5 different resistance levels.

The tubes are considered to be sturdier as compared with flat bands because tubes are obviously thicker and, hence, more resistant to deterioration.

Flat Bands

The traditional resistance bands do not come with handles or hooks; they are flat pieces of latex that resembles a normal rubber band, just bigger in size.

The ends can be wrapped around the hands to perform different exercises.

They come in different resistance levels and like resistors, the color coding defines the level of resistance.

However, unlike resistors, every brand has its own color coding. 

For example, for one brand, black could mean the highest resistance and yellow could mean the lowest, while with some other brand, black could mean the lowest resistance and yellow could mean the highest.

To help you make an informed decision, we have rounded up some of the best resistance bands in 2017.

WODFitters Pull Up Assist Band

The WODFitters Pull Up Assist Band, like all resistance bands, comes in 5 different resistance levels. WODFitters provides a proper chart to assist you in figuring out which color corresponds to which resistance level.

For instance, a black band can provide a resistance of up to 30-60 lbs and are 4.5 mm wide.

They are perfect to be employed in light weight lifting, jumping and stretching.


  • I bought a level 2, black resistance band according to my weight which is 120 pounds. The band is very sturdy and holds up my body weight just perfectly.
  • The band provides good assistance in pull ups. What I did was, I tied the corners around my pull up bar while putting my feet in the middle of the loop. When I moved my body upwards, it gives a bit of support.
  • You can buy 2 different types of bands and combine them together to form a new resistance level. This way you’ll have 3 different levels of resistance in just two bands.
  • I have had it for 6 months, and it did not get loose or anything. I’d say the band is pretty durable.


  • The band does not have good tension. When I first got it, it felt like it had been used.
  • The customer service could have been better.

Synergee Exercise Fitness Resistance Band

The Synergee Exercise Fitness Resistance Band is flexible and perfect for CrossFit, yoga, P90X, running, Pilates and Insanity Asylum.

From toning your body to knee replacement, the band can be used for a variety of exercises and physical therapies.

Each band is 12 inches long and 2 inches thick. 

The yellow color indicates the lowest resistance level, while red is the toughest band with extra-high resistance.


  • The bands have been approved by physical therapists and can be used for increasing mobility and for recovering from conditions like torn ACL and torn MCL.
  • The band comes with a 100% guarantee, so if there’s any problem with it, you can get a new one.
  • The bands have a very even stretch. The resistance doesn’t change as the material gets stretched and remains consistent.
  • The latex is square and firm at the ends, which prevents it from rolling up while exercising.
  • Synergee bands are just the correct amount of wide, which ensures accurate placement while working out.


  • Mine lasted about 8 months before it got torn in two while I was doing pull-ups with it. A friend of mine was also using the same band in a different color, who said the same thing. Thus, these bands tend to break after minimal use.
  • The material is not as durable.

Fitness Dreamer Resistance Band

The Fitness Dreamer Resistance Band is very lightweight and easy to carry.

It can easily fit in the bag, so you can carry it with you wherever you go.

The rubber is 13 mm to 64 mm thick, depending on the resistance level, and is extremely durable.

It is best for Insanity Asylum, Beachbody workouts, home gyms and P90X.


  • The band is made up of a biodegradable latex material, which makes it eco-friendly. Hence, when you decide to dispose of it, it can easily be recycled.
  • The bands are large, around 41 inches. Hence, you don’t need to use 2-3 mini bands together (which can get very uncomfortable at times).
  • The bands are very sturdy and have high resistance. I got mine 4 weeks ago and it’s been holding up. By the looks of it, I don’t think it will lose its strength anytime soon.
  • If you compare it to other more expensive brands, you will find no difference in the quality.


  • Its marketing is very misleading. I thought I’d be getting all 5 bands, but when the package arrived, it contained just one.

Draper’s Strength Stretch Bands

Draper’s Strength Stretch Bands come in 7 different resistance levels, from 2 pounds to 200 pounds, which is higher than any other fitness band available on the market.

They are 41 inches long and made of heavy-duty latex rubber that is built to last.

They come with a 3-month moneyback guarantee and a lifetime warranty.


  • They are 41 inches long, which makes them perfect for pull-ups and chin-ups. You don’t have to combine two of them together, as you can get the desired length by using just one.
  • The customer service is very friendly and convenient. I got mine within two working days and after 24 hours of receiving it, I got a follow-up call to ask if I have any problem with the product, which I hadn’t.
  • All the resistances are very accurate. I bought a blue one, even though 80 pounds is the maximum that I can hold. I thought it would be alright because almost every band offers less resistance than it claims. I was pleasantly surprised to find out that it took plenty of strength.


  • Again, its marketing is very misleading. I thought I’d be getting the whole set, not just one band.
  • Being sturdy doesn’t mean they can’t be flexible, right? These bands are not flexible at all, and I find them a bit too stiff.

Functional Fitness Resistance Bands

The Functional Fitness Resistance Bands is a pull-up assistance band that comes in 8 different resistance levels, each one defined by a different color.

For example, black has an approximate resistance of around 30 to 50 pounds, purple has a resistance of around 40 to 80 pounds and green has a resistance of around 50 to 120 pounds.

These bands can be used for individuals weighing from 100 pounds to 300 pounds.


  • The Functional Fitness Resistance Bands are perfect for pull-ups. Mine gives me just the right amount of push so that I don’t just rely on the band and use some of my own strength as well.
  • The band is very affordable. I got a set of three, and it cost me way less than any other brand.
  • They are particularly good for using with planches and levers.


  • My band has a certain plastic feel to it and is not as flexible as the other ones I have used. The material of these bands is just not high quality.
  • The bands do not have consistent levels of tension and resistance to them. If you are new to fitness bands, you might not notice this, but if you are experienced with training with bands, I would not recommend them to you.


After going through all the best-selling resistance bands, I came to the conclusion that the Fitness Dreamer Resistance Band is the best resistance band in 2017.

It is durable and strong with just the right amount of resistance.

You can use it for pull-up assistance, stretches, and any other exercise you want, and it will hold up perfectly.

The bands do not coil up during the exercise which is a huge plus.

I was a bit misled by its marketing and I was obviously disappointed but then realized I was being stupid to expect 5 bands at its price.

As far as the product is concerned, I am glad that I made the purchase.

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