Best Push Up Bar in 2017


Push-ups are one of the best exercises for improving your physique and building lean muscle mass.

Push-ups can be done in many ways.

They target your muscles in chest, arms, back, abs, and shoulders very effectively.

A push-up bar is very simple equipment, and boosts your workout as you can try different positions using it.

There are many different types and models of push-up bars available, and in this post, we will help you choose one of the best push-up bars in 2017.

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Things to Consider Before Buying a Push-up Bar

Buying a push-up bar might be challenging as there are many things to be considered.

There are many different types of push-up bars available.

You must determine your needs to make the best buying decision.

Check out the following factors to buy the best push-up bar in 2017 that suits your needs.

Weight Capacity

The weight capacity is an important factor to be considered particularly if you are a bit bulky or want to use the push-up bar wearing some heavy clothes.

Though the bars are very sturdy, but if you are weightier than the weight mentioned, you might end up breaking the bars.

This could result in an injury and loss of money too. 

Thus, it is important to consider the weight capacity mentioned on the push-up bar.


If your push-up bar is shaky and unstable, then it is useless.

An unstable push-up bar would not let you perform your workout properly as it would move a lot.

To make sure that a push-up bar is stable, you must consider the weight capacity and base width.

If the base width is too less, then it is most likely that the push-up bar will be unstable.


Push-up bars are usually compact and lightweight.

This is what makes them very portable. 

You can carry a push-up bar with you anywhere as they are designed to enhance your convenience.

So, make sure that you buy a push-up bar that is portable and suitable for carrying purpose.

If you come across a push-up bar that is very heavy and less compact, you must change your mind.


Another important factor to consider is the comfort while you perform your workout on a push-up bar.

Being comfortable and convenient is imperative for a push-up bar as you have to do lots of push-ups to achieve muscular and toned arms.

Thus, you must consider the grip, padding, and other factors before buying a push-up bar as they will affect your workout a lot.


Higher price mostly indicates higher quality, and if you are the one who cannot compromise on quality, you must consider this factor.

However, this is not the case always as some premium quality push-up bars are available at even an affordable price.

Price should be considered in the end after taking other factors into account as there may be a cheaper push-up bar that can suit your requirements better than an expensive one.

Types of Push-up Bars

There are different types of push-up bars available, and people choose them differently according to their needs.

Some people may find one type of a push-bar more attractive and suitable than others.

Most of the fitness geeks buy more than one type of push-up bars to make sure that they get the best possible chance to build their upper body.

The following are the main types of push-up bars.

Plastic Push-up Bars

These push-up bars are the cheapest ones and are suitable for you if you are on a budget.

If a plastic push-up bar is very cheap, you should know that its grip would not be good.

With a plastic push-up bar, it would be difficult to maintain grip, particularly if you start sweating.

Most of the push-up bars come with plastic rubber caps which can slide if you use them on floors.

For plastic push-up bars, using a carpet or cloth might be convenient.

These types of push-up bars are suitable for people who weigh less than 150 pounds and are willing to perform small workouts on it.

Steel U-shaped and S-shaped Push-up Bars

These push-up bars are made up of ‘U’ or ‘S’ shaped metal piping covered with hand grips.

The ‘U’ or ‘S’ part is made up of steel while the base is made up of plastic.

These push-up bars have a very sturdy design, and they also provide a good grip.

These bars do not bend while you are doing push-ups, but if you do more than 15 reps continuously, your may start losing grip.

Square Block Push-up Bars

The square block push-up bars are also made up of plastic.

They resemble the ECG shock pads that are found in hospitals.

These push-up bars have a wide and full base with sharp edges, and do not feel like other push-up bars because of this shape.

They are very solid and portable, but the edges sometimes dig into your wrists while you work out on them.

Ball-bearing Twist type Push-up Bars

The ball-bearing twist type push-up bars have handles and round disk type base.

There is a ball-bearing system present inside the disks which allows the handles to twist while you perform the workout.

This is an expensive push-up bar and is suitable for experts and advanced trainers to increase the intensity of their workout.

Benefits of Push-up Bars

There are many benefits of push-up bars.

Comfort is one of the major benefits of using a push-up bar.

Placing the palms directly on the floor can cause your palms and wrists to ache, and it is better to use a push-up bar and grab the soft handles.

The handles of a push-up bar are padded to improve the grip and make it easier for you.

Push-up bars also make it easier for you to perform different types of exercises with full variety and range of motion.

With a push-up bar, you can bring your chest closer to the floor which is otherwise not possible with your hands.

Using your hands you might end up tired, and might not be able to work your muscles the way you want to.

Push-up bars also allow exercises from different angles by changing the grips.

With wider and narrower grips you can work on different muscles of the upper body. 

Not only the paired push-up bars, but the single push-up bars are also designed to make the workout effective for you.

Top push-up bars in 2017

1. Perfect Fitness Perfect Pushup Elite

The Perfect Pushup Elite has a simple yet innovative design, and can deliver excellent performance for workouts.

It can work with all muscles for building the upper body.

It is very lightweight and has a compact size.

It uses a uniquely designed steel ball bearing system that makes it easier for the user to perform workouts.

The handles are wider, and the maximum weight that it can hold is around 400 lbs.


  • These push-up bars have an attractive design that can rotate slightly. The rotating design can make you work more effectively on the shoulders, arms, chest, abs, and back.
  • It has an ergonomic grip that distributes the body weight evenly and reduces unwanted pressure on the palms, wrists, and elbows.
  • The spiral design helps the base have a good grip on the floor and stops it from sliding.
  • It has been engineered to help you attain a better physique.
  • The ball bearing allows smoother and better rotation and improves the workout sessions.
  • The design makes it easier for carrying purpose whenever you want to perform workouts at your office or gym.


  • Sometimes, it slips.
  • The handles are a bit wide, and that makes them difficult to hold.

2. Elite Sportz Push Up Bar

Elite Sportz Push Up bars are the rotating ones and are perfect for working out without causing strain on your wrists.

The grip provided on these bars is very wide, and this distributes the weight evenly.

These push-up bars are very sturdy, thus you may not feel any slippage using them.

They are lightweight, portable, and very comfortable on hands.

These push-up bars have a circular disk type base and a rotating push-up stand with them.


  • These push-up bars are very effective for improving the physique of the upper body, and they are more intense than normal push-up bars.
  • They are made up of high quality materials that make it very long-lasting.
  • The rotating base and steel ball bearings inside the push-up bars are ideal for reducing strain on the wrists and working on the arms and hands.
  • Relocating the handles is also easy as they are very comfortable and sturdy.
  • The design of the push-up bars is made to increase overall efficiency and reduce strain and stress on the wrists and joints.
  • They are very affordable and deliver good value for money.
  • The grip is very sturdy, and your palms would not feel sweaty while you are doing the workout on them.
  • They come full-assembled and are very compact to be stored anywhere and taken along with you.
  • There is money-back guarantee if you are not satisfied with the purchase.


  • The plastic material looks and feels cheap.
  • Some reports suggest that the push-up bar creates noise during the workout.
  • They are not padded.

3. Power Press Push Up

The Power Press Push Up is a comprehensive set of fitness and training system.

These push-up bars have a unique set of training that is designed particularly for the upper body.

They are a bit different from other push-up bars and very effective in working on the muscles.

This training set of push-up bars contains a color-coded board which allows the users to target the specific muscles which need to be worked upon.

The color-coding lets the user know about the particular muscles that are going to be affected by the push-ups.


  • These push-up bars are a complete set of training which makes it easier for the beginners to understand and perform the workouts.
  • The color-coding on the board gives knowledge about specific distance, angles, and placements of wrists that are necessary to work on a specific muscle.
  • These push-up bars allow complete development and workout of the upper body muscles which is not possible with the other typical push-up bars.
  • The board allows placement of push-up bars at different angles, thus making it easier to perform different exercises.
  • The push-up board contains more than 14 positions to focus on different muscles in the upper body.
  • The assembly of the unit is very easy, and you can start using it within minutes.


  • The board is too large, and it gets difficult to work out on it.
  • It is not portable and compact, storing it might be difficult.

4. Maximiza Push-up Bars

The Maximiza Push-up Bars are made up of 25mm S-shaped push-up bars, and are very sturdy and stable.

These bars are very portable, easy to store, and easy to use.

You can carry them along with you in a bag to use at office, gym, or anywhere.

They use foam hand pads to make the grip comfortable.

They are suitable even for people with small hands, especially women and teenagers.

With these push-up bars, you can carry out more intense and deeper workouts.


  • The push-up bars are very sturdy and durable, and they require no assembly.
  • Each of the push-up bars has a capacity of holding up to 330 lbs. weight.
  • The bars contain padded grips which make them very comfortable to hold and also insure a stable workout.
  • The unique design allows proper and even distribution of weight and reduces stress and strain on the wrists, palms, and joints in the upper body.
  • The bars are available in two sizes; one for larger hands and the other for smaller hands.
  • They are portable, and you can easily store them anywhere.
  • These push-up bars are very affordable and deliver excellent performance.
  • You can go deeper and more intense with workouts using the high structure of these push-up bars.


  • Some broader push-up workouts are not suitable for these bars because they have a light framework.
  • There is a lack of a rotating base.

5. Pushup Bars

These push-up bars have an ergonomic design and a very sturdy and durable construction.

No matter how much your weight is, you would not find these bars breaking or slipping.

So, if you like to work out while wearing a heavy vest, these push-up bars are an ideal choice.

These push-up bars are very easy to assemble and use, and are also portable.

The handles provide a comfortable and secure grip, and the design makes it easier for the user to work out for long.


  • These are ergonomic push-up bars, and thus very easy to use. They provide a comfortable grip which allows the user to work out consistently.
  • The handles are designed at a perfect angle to reduce stress on the arms and wrists and prevent the user from fatigue.
  • The handles are padded to make the workout comfortable and to prevent the digging of handles into the palms.
  • The different angles and positioning of the stand target different muscles differently.
  • They have a compact design and are portable. You can store them easily in large bags and take along with you.


  • The plastic has a cheap feel and look.
  • They are not very stable.*Version*=1&*entries*=0&linkCode=ll1&tag=top10786-20&linkId=4a0ca6ecbf712697da739ca9bb488898


Push-up bars are excellent and convenient equipment to develop a perfect and fit upper body.

The push-up bars reviewed in this post may allow you to do effective workouts that will not only improve the physique of your upper body but also benefit the whole body.

Our top pick is the Perfect Fitness Perfect Pushup Elite as it provides a good grip, is affordable, and very effective for workouts.

The rotating base reduces stress on the wrist and makes the user perform push-ups comfortably and consistently.

The Elite Sportz Push Up Bar has a rotating base too, but is not padded.

Some people are also impressed by the Power Press Push Up as it offers workouts at different angles, but it is not portable.

Being portable is an important feature for push-up bars as you can take them anywhere.

The last two push-up bars on our list are equally efficient but we prefer a rotating base as it causes less strain on the wrists.

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