Best Fitness Ball in 2018

Fitness balls might be the most fun way to burn that stubborn fat and ease that terrible pain in your back.

However, for your safety, it is essential that you buy the best.

In this article, I’ll help you find out which one is the best fitness ball in 2017, but first, let’s see why you should definitely own a fitness ball.

Benefits of Using a Fitness Ball

You often see those bouncy colorful balls sitting in your gym, taking a lot of space.

Those bouncing balls are called fitness balls, and they have numerous benefits.

They not only develop a great muscle tone for your whole body, but they also provide a lot of other benefits that vary from rehabilitating your knee, back and hip injuries to providing an intense workout to improve muscle balance, posture, and core stability.

Working out on a fitness ball stretches your muscles which increases flexibility.

There are multiple workout techniques present that even improve your cardiovascular system.

You can use it as a substitute for a chair if your nature of work requires you to keep sitting the whole day.

All these are just the tip of the iceberg.

There are a lot of reasons why you should get start using fitness balls and working out on them right away.

Some of them are as follows:

Great for Your Back

It is scientifically proven that using a fitness ball rather than a chair, especially if you need to keep sitting for an extended period of time, is very healthy for your spine and back.

Other than that, there are various exercises you can perform on a fitness ball that stretch your muscles while giving support to your lower back.

Many therapists recommend these balls for back and spine therapy.

So many people have gone through back injuries and used a fitness ball to get better.

With it, you don’t even have to exercise; just lay on it flat on your back and feel instant relief.

How many other fitness equipment offer that?

Core Stability

You hear the word core so often these days that you might have wondered what core actually is.

To make a long story short, a core is a group of central muscles in your body that support and stabilize all your body movements.

The core was previously called the midsection of the body, as it includes the deep back and abdominal muscles of your body that work as the main support.

I called these muscles deep due to the fact that you might not be able to see them, but they uphold the stability of the body.

The core is made up of three important muscles in the trunk of the human body: the muscles in the back that maintain the spine, the lower back muscles that keep the pelvic and spinal balance, and the muscles deep inside the abdomen.

All these muscles function hand in hand to keep the spine safe and make you capable of doing simple routine work and high-intensity workouts.

Every action including throwing, running, lifting, reaching and bending requires core muscles.

That is the reason why taking care of your stabilizer muscles is so important.

Without a strong core, even the simplest of movements like lifting weight, walking, running and pulling would go unprotected and you’d be at a risk of injury all the time.

The core muscles are usually very hard to reach, and very few exercise techniques can work them.

You’d be surprised to know that training on a fitness ball is actually one of the best ways to reach your core muscles and work them out. 

Even without doing any exercise and by only sitting on it, you will be able to stimulate your core muscles and not just feel in better control of your body but also improve your overall posture.

There is one very important, visually invisible muscle, which you can work out with a fitness ball.

It is extended from your tailbone and extends all the way to the pubic bone.

It is an added core muscle which lies deep inside the body and is very important for your overall stability.


Back in the day, when someone would have back or posture-related problems, doctors would recommend them to sleep on the floor or any other flat surface.

Even dancers were advised to lay on their backs on a flat surface to maintain their posture.

However, research shows that giving your back a slight curve is actually healthier for your spine.

If you have seen any X-rays or a dummy skeleton, you might have noticed that the shape of the spine is always curved.

This is the natural shape of the spine, and maintaining this curve is healthy for the body.

By simply laying on a fitness ball you provide your body with the natural curve it requires.

Muscle Balance

Most people work on some particular muscles of the body when they hit the gym such as biceps, buttocks, triceps, abs and thighs.

However, research says that if you keep working one muscle group of the body to make it stronger while the opposite group remains ignored, you create a certain imbalance in the body, called a muscle imbalance.

The example of such opposing groups of muscles would be your triceps and biceps.

These kinds of muscles can have an imbalance.

The opposing muscles that work side by side to perform a certain task need to be equally strong.

The anterior muscles of the body are often stronger than the posterior muscles.

Muscles you can see on your body are called the anterior muscles, and the muscles that happen to be within the body are called the posterior muscles.

The reason behind this imbalance in power is that the anterior muscles are used frequently in your everyday routine and even while working out, you focus on these muscles only.

On the other hand, the poor posterior muscles stay ignored.

This kind of situation causes a bad posture and creates a muscle imbalance which is not good for your overall health.

The fitness ball offers a very easy solution to all muscle imbalances.

When you lie on the ball, it works the muscles in the lower back.

There are other training methods available to work all posterior muscles as well.

In order to feel good and look good, you have to train your entire body, including hamstrings, buttocks and the back, not just biceps.

DynaPro Exercise Ball

DynaPro Exercise Ball is a durable, professional-grade fitness ball with an endurance of up to 2000 pounds.

It is an anti-burst stability ball that is best for the gym, home, balance, yoga, core strength, fitness and much more.

The ball does not take a lot of time to inflate and can be done so even with just a normal hand pump.

The ball is also packed with a high-quality PVC material that protects it from any kind of puncture, and it has a non-slip textured body which helps it stay in place.


  • The DynaPro Exercise Ball has a very high weight endurance. I weigh around 150 pounds, and I don’t feel uncomfortable on it which happens very rarely.
  • The one thing that is great about the ball is that it is very comfortable. It stays put in its place under your weight, and there is almost no chance of an accident occurring if you know what you are doing.
  • DynaPro offers four different varieties of sizes, between 45 cm and 75 cm with a difference of 10 cm between them. It also offers a proper guide for you to select the right size of the ball.


  • The ball does not maintain its firmness and requires reinflation every few days. It tends to lose air and get squishy.

Live Infinitely Exercise Ball

The Live Infinitely Exercise Ball is famous for its anti-burst rugged body.

The ball is made up of heavy-duty PVC material, which had been tested effectively.

This might be the sturdiest ball available on the market these days. 

It has an incredibly fine endurance and can withstand up to 2200 pounds of weight and up to a 2 cm cut without exploding.

It comes in 5 different colors and 4 different size options of 55 cm, 65 cm, 75 cm and 85 cm.


  • It is anti-burst tested. The Live Infinitely Exercise Ball has proven to be an anti-burst ball with a 2 mm thick PVC body which makes it extremely strong in comparison to the other fitness balls.
  • The Live Infinitely Exercise Ball is a very sturdy workout equipment with good endurance and high stability. It is not just affordable, but it also comes with a 1-year warranty.


  • The Live Infinitely Exercise Ball comes with a foot pump instead of a hand pump for inflation, which makes it a bit harder to inflate.
  • Sizes aren’t right either. According to my height and physical stature, I am recommended a 65 cm ball which blows up to 24 inches in diameter. However, when I inflated my ball, it did not go more than 20 inches. I waited for the material to expand, but nothing happened. I returned the ball and got an 85 cm one, which works fine for me. It is overall a great ball, but the brand should have mentioned the right size.

Trideer Exercise Ball

The Trideer Exercise Ball is an anti-burst and anti-slip training ball.

It comes in eight different colors and five different sizes.

The ball is famous for staying put and is a good training ball for both the home and office.

It is made up of a biodegradable material with high grade processing.

It is a versatile ball and can be used for yoga, pregnancy, abdominal training, back training and gymnastics.

It can also be used as an office chair to improve your posture and get rid of back pain.


  • It comes with a 12-month replacement warranty. Got a wrong size? No problem. You think there is something wrong with your piece? No problem. After almost a year of use, your ball starts having issues? No problem. There is basically nothing to lose with its 12-month replacement warranty.
  • The Trideer Exercise Ball comes with a hand and foot inflation pump that can be easily used according to your comfort.


  • The oldest problem in the history of fitness balls is that they don’t hold the air pressure for long and tend to deflate over time. It seems like the Trideer Exercise Ball is not an exception.

Bintiva Swiss Ball

The Bintiva Swiss Ball is made up of an eco-friendly material with a textured skin, which ensures no-slip characteristics.

It is an affordable ball which can be used at home or office in different manners.

The ball can also be used as a sitting chair to eliminate back and shoulder pain.

It is basically a birthing ball, designed specifically for pregnant ladies.

Hence, it has been designed with extra care.


  • Unlike many other fitness balls, the Bintiva Swiss Ball is not made of a PVC material which, albeit is strong, has a particularly sharp plastic odor. Since the ball is not made up of PVC material, it does not have such a smell.
  • It is perfect as an office chair. The ball can help relieve back pain and can be a really comfortable chair if you tend to spend most of your day sitting.


  • The only complaint that I have with Bintiva Swiss Ball is that the company doesn’t send the right color. I ordered a nice blue and was sent a very ugly green ball. I called the company and asked for an exchange, which it did, but I shouldn’t have had to go through the hassle if it had just sent the right color the first time.

Aliglow Exercise Ball

The Aliglow Exercise Ball is a professional quality fitness ball.

It comes in 3 different colors with different sizes.

You can easily find a professional guide on the internet to know which size is best for you.

It is made up of a pure PVC material with no phthalate or latex.


  • I was a bit hesitant to fill this little guy up to its maximum potential because I thought it wouldn’t be able to hold the pressure and would burst. To my surprise, it did not.
  • Aliglow Exercise Ball comes in three different colors, and each one of them is as pretty as it could be. I got my first one in purple, and I loved it. Unfortunately, my son burst it with a needle. I ordered another one in silver. It was a different size, but the color was as good as the purple.


  • The ball would burst if it gets in direct contact with any sharp thing. The anti-burst technology does not work as well as the company claims.
  • The foot pump it comes with works fine but takes a lot of effort and time. Mine took around 10 minutes of continuous pumping to inflate properly. I inflated it with an air compressor which works way better. The foot pump could have been better.


Every person would have a different idea of what the best fitness ball in 2017 should have.

People have different choices and sizes. 

For example, some people might prefer a PVC-coated ball as it is supposed to be stronger, while others might not like its plastic smell and want to have a ball made up of a different material.

However, there are a few things that every fitness ball needs to have such as durability, anti-slip surface, and anti-burst technology.

While keeping all these things in mind, I decided the best fitness ball in 2017, in my opinion, is the Live Infinitely Exercise Ball.

This ball is made up of a very thick PVC material with proven anti-burst technology.

It can bear up to 2 cm cuts without explosively bursting.

It stays in its place and is a very safe ball.

The pump it comes with could have been better, but that’s just the pump.

It has an amazing variety of colors and different sizes, which might vary from the standard sizes, but the company provides a complete guide.

You would have no problem if you follow it.

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